The Outdoor Classroom

On Tuesday, February 06, Mr. Horton’s forestry class and Mr. Carter’s engineering class made the great outdoors their classroom.  Engineering students used their new drone to survey the property that the school system recently purchased.  The students will generate a 3-D model of the property.  Mr. Horton’s forestry students walked the property and completed a timber survey of the 50 plus acres of land.  The students identified oaks, popular, pine, and cherry trees on the property.  In addition, the forestry students found a small stream that feeds a pond. 

Combining their information, the forestry students and the engineering students plan to estimate the value of the timber on the property, as well as how much of the property is covered by timber. 

GHS engineering students set up the control station for the drone flight

Once students have programmed in the flight plan, they activate the drone and it takes to the sky to complete its mapping mission

Mr. Horton's forestry students identify a small tree as they hiked the property.

Mr. Horton explains to students how to identify this species of tree.  Horton explained that a cherry tree has horizontal lenticels and color of the bark is brown or gray.

Students also had some time to explore on their own.

As the drone follows its flight plan, it snaps pictures.  Here, a small pond is revealed although it is hidden from view on the ground by the surrounding trees.

In this picture, the drone snapped a picture as it passed over our control station.