Swim Safety

This week, students from Mrs. Byrd’s class participated in a water safety course at the Galax Recreation Center. Students learned the basics of water safety including; never swim alone, how to prepare for a day at the pool, how to be safe in a boat, how to put on a life jacket, and how to spot danger signs in and out of the water.

On day 1, the students learned that they should never go in the water after another swimmer who is in distress. Instead, they learned to first seek help from a life guard or another adult. The students also learned how to safely use a rescue tube or another object to reach out to the victim from the pool deck.

On day 2, students practiced putting on life jackets and entering the water with the life jacket. Once in the water, students practiced kicking while on their backs to move into more shallow water. Students also practiced boating skills in kayaks.

On day 3, students were tested on their skills. Each student had to recognize different situations and then take appropriate steps to deal with that situation. Each student received a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the class.